Metal Spraying

Also known as thermal spraying, metal spraying protects and extends the life of metals in hostile environments and in other situations where anti-corrosion coatings are vital to ensuring longevity.

Thermal spray aluminium or zinc wire is fed through the centre of an oxygen-propane flame and a jet of high-pressure air projects the atomised molten particles onto a prepared surface where they adhere and form a continuous coating.

Upon contact, the particles flatten onto the surface, freeze and mechanically bond, firstly onto the roughened substrate and then onto each other as the coating thickness is increased.


As the heat energy in the molten particles is small relative to the size of the sprayed component, the process imparts very little heat to the substrate, thus eliminating the risk of heat distortion - a major advantage over hot-dipped galvanising.

Other benefits over galvanising include:

  • Low heat input also eliminates the risk of thermal metallurgical degradation
  • Sealed hollow fabrications may be treated without risk of explosion
  • Coating thickness may be varied from place to place to provide extra protection in critical areas
  • There is no limit to the size of what can be treated

As a protective system for structural steelwork, sealed sprayed aluminium or zinc conforming to ISO 2063 meet International and European standards EN ISO 14713, as giving greater than 20 years to first maintenance in very aggressive environments.

The process can be applied on anything from a car ramp to a railway bridge, offering maximum corrosion protection. A few typical applications include structural steelwork, offshore platforms and marine applications, bridges, fences, gates, metal furniture, underground pipes, playground furniture, tanks and vessels.

Metallisation Flamespray Process

The following video demonstrates the application of thermal spray metals using the flame spray method:

Oxygen-propane fuelled flamespray metal spraying system for zinc and aluminium anti-corrosion coatings


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