Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning in a fluidised sandbed allows for the fast and effective removal of polymers and organic contaminations from metal tools and machine parts, leaving them without any residues.

Industrial Parts Cleaning

Using high temperatures from approx. 430°C upwards, organic substances (like polymers and plastics) are decomposed into a low temperature carbonisation gas and carbon in a process called pyrolysis.

This is followed by a thermal oxidation phase where the remaining carbon is completely removed, leaving the tools and machine parts perfectly cleaned without any carbon residues.

Gentle on the tool or part, as well as the environment, the cleaning process is optimised for the sensitivity of the item(s) to be cleaned.

Paint, Silicone, Plastic and Rubber Removal

Metal tools and parts which might benefit from thermal cleaning, include:

  • Injection Molding: screws, injection nozzles, static mixers, needle shut-off nozzles, non-return valves, hotrunner nozzles, etc..
  • Extrusion: screws, screw elements, breaker plates, screen changers, filter, filter plates, profile dies, etc..
  • Paint Line: hooks, jigs, racks, hangers, forks, frames, stencils, etc..
  • Polymer / Master Batch: die plates, screen changers, screw elements, granulating nozzles, etc..
  • Fibre industry: assembled spin packs, spinnerets, assembled spin pumps, spin beams, filter bundles, etc..

Reliable cleaning of assembled and disassembled tools leading to increased tool life and reduced machine downtimes.

Environmentally Friendly

The process is fast, safe and green. It works completely without waste water and waste, offering an effective removal of all plastics.

Generated low temperature carbonisation gases are cleaned with an integrated thermal afterburner, meaning there are zero emissions.


Our quick and efficient Fluidised Sandbed is 1.8m x 1m x 1m and offers a fast, reliable turnaround.

Collection and Delivery

If required, we can offer collection and delivery for commercial projects.

Examples of Work

Take a look at our Gallery page for more examples of our Thermal Cleaning work.

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