Industrial Coatings

Industrial protective coatings offer protection to metal surfaces which are regularly exposed to harsh environmental and industrial conditions.

The polymer film created by industrial coating provides a physical barrier between the steel substrate and a corrosive environment such as water, heat, soil or atmosphere.

For example, salt and oil resistant coatings are commonly used to control corrosion of sub-sea and marine steel structures, such as offshore platforms, bridges, submersibles and underground pipelines.

Intumescent coatings are used for fire resistance and high friction protective coatings are utilised in the aerospace industry.

Bespoke Solutions

Centurion Blast Cleaning Ltd offer a range of industrial coatings including: inorganic zinc, phosphate, epoxy and PVD coatings. A typical coating system includes a primer, an intermediate coat and a top-coat.

Paint systems can be applied to customer specifications, with conventional, airless, air assisted and electrostatic (Powder Coating) processes available.


Our fully extracted paint booths occupy an area of 3,000 sq ft.

Collection and Delivery

If required, we can offer collection and delivery for commercial projects.

Examples of Work

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